Manual Trial of Honor: A Novel of a Court-Martial

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Court-martial trial continues for Navy SEAL accused of kidnapping, rape

Literary Agent. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. A general court-martial may adjudge any punishment not prohibited by the UCMJ, including death when specifically authorized. Be aware and get what you are entitled to.

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You May Also Like. Here's How Harvey Is Impacting Military, Veteran Benefits If you're a military family member, retiree or veteran in the impacted areas, several benefits have been temporarily changed. Sometimes Custer is a hero; recently, more often, he's a villain, but never is he boring.

He is at the heart of Douglas C. Jones's book opens in the spring of , as Army trial judge advocate Asa B.

TRIAL OF HONOR by David Norton Stone | Kirkus Reviews

Gardiner prepares to prosecute the Civil War hero, who narrowly escaped the Sioux warriors' wrath. In Jones's what-if story, Custer suffered a serious head wound at the Little Bighorn, but was left for dead by the scavenging old women of the Sioux and then found by scouts from Brigadier General Alfred Terry's relief column.

follow William T. Grant to court-martial Custer for disobedience of orders, negligence, and conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline. There is political and military intrigue aplenty as the court-martial convenes. Many prominent Civil War officers figure in the book. The presiding officer at the trial is Major General John M.

Major General Phil Sheridan resists the very idea of court-martialing Custer when Sherman first puts it to him, and he becomes an influential witness for the accused officer. Both admirers and critics of Custer will find something in the book to support their points of view.