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Blockchain Technology. Robin Chin currencies , development 0 Comment March 2, Many people wonder if the blockchain technology is the new amazing discovery of the age and how can it impact our lives. The blockchain is an unquestionably a smart development and one that will leave its trail that will echo for future generations.

Welcoming the ‘Zeronauts’: Pushing Problems Toward Zero - NextBillion

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Changing The World. Robin Chin Agriculture , money , system 0 Comment January 18, The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by CSRwire contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of CSRwire. CSRwire Expert Bloggers. Zero is the New Black.

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CSRwire Talkback join the conversation. An inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, investor, manager, or educator who promotes wealth creation while driving adverse environmental, social, and economic impacts toward zero. Someone who finds, investigates, and develops breakthrough, footprint-shrinking solutions for the growing tensions between demography, consumerist lifestyles, and sustainability. Political leader or policy-maker who helps to create the regulatory frameworks and incentives needed to drive related "1-Earth" solutions to scale.

For some current examples, see the first "Zeronaut 50 Roll of Honor ".

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Cutting The Carbon Intensity Of Earnings In summary, the Zeronauts are a new breed of innovator, determined to drive problems such as carbon, waste, toxics, and poverty to zero. Zeronautics And five stepping-stones take these transformative change agents from their breakthrough insight to the point where their impact is so evident that it is increasingly taken for granted. Blog Links. Recent Posts.


Sustainability and Self-Interest

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