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It could be concluded that the urbanization and industriali-zation processes cause increase of human serious hot uncomfortable feeling which in turn leads to more hin-dering for the human activities while the rural conditions leads to optimum weather comfort for further and more human activities.

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Climate Change: Global Sea Level | NOAA

Siegel, Laura K. Lautz, Martin H. Otz, James Hassett, Ines Otz. Date: January 5, Date: April 18, Carlos E.

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Restrepo, Jeffrey S. Simonoff, George D. Considering rapid growth of urban population, two important outcomes appear: urban areas are becoming larger and consequently UHI intensifies, and increasing trend of urban population means that more people are affected by UHI each year. Cities are one of critical areas where the climate change is expected to have severe impacts and UHI effects are directly related to global warming.

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Although a global phenomenon, climate change with all associated manifestations and consequences are felt locally exerting added stress on urban areas. Expected further increase of global temperatures would strongly influence the habitability of cities with significant impacts on human health, infrastructure, energy supply, water demands and ecosystems.

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Moreover, interaction between urban micro-climates and large-scale climate variability e. Urban areas are highly vulnerable to climate change, but on the other hand, they also have great potential for adaptation and mitigation with a sustainable development as a main goal.

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This can be achieved by development and implementation of effective urban climate change policies and programs based on sound scientific knowledge. Climate variability and manifestations of climate change in Croatia with potential impact on urban environment are in the focus of this project.

e-book The Urban Climate (International Geophysics)

The proposed project addresses to two main topics, which can be distinguished one from another, and yet, interact one with another:. Urban climate in Croatia and urban climate modelling. This part of the project will consider urban climate in different Croatian cities. Modelling approach is expected to enable analyses of the urban climate as well as to estimate the potential for integrating of green and blue infrastructure in urban environment as mitigation measures for reducing UHI effects.

Climate Change: Global Sea Level

Impacts of different types of vegetation and open water surfaces on urban micro-climate will be considered. Also, possible future changes in UHI load will be examined taking into account regional climate projections and urban morphology. Croatian climate variability and change will be analysed in the context of European climate affected by global and regional processes.

The possible impact of climate variability and climate extremes related to, for example, global modes of climate variability and heat waves will be considered as well.