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Awesome stories, gorgeous photos. The Civil War causes complications. Excellent fiction from someone who understands the history of that area. The old Myfanwy Thomas explains to the new how to fake her own life in order to find out who destroyed her memories. Oh, and she works for a secret British agency in charge of overseeing supernatural occurrences.

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Is it great literature? Probably not. But it was a hell of a fun read. Poison Flower by Thomas Perry. The latest installment in the Jane Whitefield series.

Great fantasy retelling with really good characters, plenty of plot twists, and a modern day Prospero family who run a vast commercial empire whose true purpose is to control primal force…. This is the 3rd book of a trilogy that starts with Prospero Lost, but all the books are very recent and came out close together. A first novel by an author that lives in my town. Fun read of a thriller with supernatural stuff.

I waded through the whole list in order to make sure Existence by David Brin was not on the list before I posted my recommendation, and of course the last entry on the list is the very same book. I have to say Existence is my favorite book of My son and I both devoured the series yes, I went there in mere days. A great read. It is an ongoing series, but the issues are collected in Trade paperback format. I can highly recommend this book, especially to anyone who reads this far down in the comment thread :.

She was interestingly meshed with the fictional characters and story of the book. His experience in Iraq really shows through as he nails the environment perfectly. The characters work well and the story is fast paced and entertaining.

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Lois is a wonderful author! I have enjoyed all her books except for one early book. I finally gave in and bought my own copy for my Kindle. For someone who knows absolutely jack about football, I have enjoyed the hell out of the whole Galactic Football League series.

Rogue, Michael Z. The continuing adventure of Kenneth Chinran in the Freehold universe. One of the people he trained to help take down Earth is back there and has to be stopped. The hard part of this was the date. Most of those qualified by date have already been mentioned above. The place to start in the Freehold universe is Freehold, of course, and the first book of Chinran is The Weapon. In specific: The Apocalypse Codex , the latest book in the series. I enjoy the combination of playing around with spy thriller tropes through the lens of horror fiction, garnished with computer geeks-for-a-living in-jokes.

Plus he has some wonderfully terrible puns, which is always a bit of a go-to thing for me for an author. Most of the books I was getting ready to recommend have already been posted by others. The Freedom Maze , by Delia Sherman. A young woman in the s travels back in time to the s and is immediately presumed to be a slave…by her own ancestors. The exploration of slavery, both literal and metaphorical, and of all the various kinds and degrees of unfreedom, is what makes this book a gem. Both are debut novels and first in a series.

Both leave you wanting for more, although in the case of Cinder, you wonder what direction it could go since the basic Cinderella is almost complete. Will it take 3 more books to reunite Cinder, the Prince, and her dropped robotic foot? Why is good stuff like this hidden away in the YA or younger shelves in Bookstores?

Really enjoyable read. Since Hounded has gotten many nods, I will glad recommend Stormdancer. The book is beautifully written and set in a feudal steampunk Japan. The story is great and the coolness just flows out of the book. My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland is a great book as well with a unique take on zombies, but Angel Crawford makes the book a compelling read.

Literary fluff — but Jack Reacher pleases me every time! Could we do this every year? I found at least one book I have to read and several I already bought and recommended through the big idea My book, which I inhaled yesterday, is Unaccountable by Marty Maccary, an eviscerating take down of the problems in US medicine, it might just save your life.

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Just finished Treehugger by Kea Alwang. The multiverse she created is fascinating and the characters engaging. Main character is regular teen on Earth, but has a secret life as a type of planetary ambassador well, the kind who also kick-butt. Debt , by David Graeber. Unlocking the secret of our political communication. This is what every campaign and PR manager needs to read and understand — there are ways to communicate to the public using their morality matrix. This book changed my viewpoint.

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It takes a strong book to do that. It changed the way I talk to people. It changed the way I use reason to reinforce my viewpoints and it has changed the way I deal with the reason shot back at me. Too bad it was a one-shot deal.

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Highly recommended. THAT is great writing. I sort of hate to make the obvious comparison to Octavia Butler, but the affinity is a lot more than demographic although WFD is fantasy and Butler mostly stuck to sf , and Okorafor-Mbachu can write characters too. An sort of crazy treasure hunt story involving ley lines, interdimensional time travel and interwoven character and story lines that are traveling towards the center of the multi-player plot.

It started a bit wobbly but has been gaining strength and I was extremely disappointed when the 3rd book ended with yet another cliffhanger. I want to also pile onto the Hilary Mantel suggestion made earlier. Astounding non-genre work that you owe it to yourself to discover. Empty Space by M. John Harrison. Each book stands on its own. Mike Harrison is writing some of the best prose in literature, sci-fi or otherwise.

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This book is insane. The meaning runs in front of you and tantalizes along the way like a naked forest nymph. Said naked forest nymph is probably the only thing not in this book. Ancient cultures, mind warping and reality warping space anomalies and different, competing physics all of which somehow work for their various peoples.

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Emperor of Maladies. Big long book about cancer history, which sounds like a downer but is amazing. I picked it up because that was the exact same thought I had about a week into my first year of teaching. Well worth a read.

This nonfiction takes an enjoyable trip through the history of genetic science, from its origins, its interconnected and often strange stories, from molecules to diseases to curiosities, and the surprisingly interesting lives of the scientists along the way. Kean is a wonderful storyteller and can make the often dry and academic scientific subjects come to life and is as engrossing as any page-turner novel. Deborah Geary — Modern Witch series. Great storytelling, excellent world building, i really connected with the characters and i pounce on each new one she puts out as i cant wait to be immersed in their lives again:.

Only selling on Amazon as ebooks but you can get epub copies if you email her direct. The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater. There are multiple intertwining plot threads, exploding stars, and epic confrontations. It is simply the best scifi I have read in a long time.