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The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools - Victoria Goldman, Catherine Hausman - Google книги

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Nieuw verschenen Bestbeoordeeld Gezien in de media Nieuw of tweedehands. Nieuw Beschikbaar in Kobo Plus. Beschikbaar in Kobo Plus Nieuw in Kobo Plus Studieboek of algemeen. Algemene boeken Studieboeken 2. Nieuwste boeken. Wat mag het kosten? Wat vinden anderen? Snelle bezorgopties. An earlier reviewer criticized it for not critiquing the schools, but I think that is it's strength. It provides a description of each school and will help you narrow the choices of nursery schools to which you might want to apply your child.

Read the book, then go visit the schools yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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You will find it extremely helpful, not only to help you get a feel for each different program, but it provides contact information, ages when children can apply, how many kids are accepted each year, and more all in one place! I've found this book to be more thorough than the materials provided by many of the nursery schools themselves.

Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools 6th sixth edition Text Only

I highly recommend Victoria's guide. Every parent I know with young children is asking themself the same two questions: Should I send my child to preschool? And if so, where? Go ahead; try to name one parent you know with a three year old that is not researching the local preschools. The author has done half the research for you. The book, which is very well researched and well written, is put together in an easy-to-read format that allows parents to page back and forth and compare schools.

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The information parents most want, is listed first, including where each school is located, what hours the preschool keeps, and, of course, the cost of tuition at each school. In addition, the author goes over some preschool basics including what to look for, what to expect, how to apply. Also included is a wealth of definitions and philosophies Montessori, child-centered, accreditation, on-going that many new parents may be unfamiliar with.

This comprehensive guide is a must have for any new parent! One person found this helpful.

e-book Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools, 6th Ed.

I have to admit, parents who buy books like this are the ones I love to make fun of the most! They do NOT feed into any better elementary school and your kid probably isn't smart enough to go to an ivy league school anyway. Love your kid, don't railroad them into your fantasies. We are The company that schools, non-profit organizations, corporations, and agencies that serve children and families go to in order to get in depth advice on Nursery th Grade admissions. Our educational advisors are former Admissions Directors, Nursery School Directors, Placement Directors and Victoria Goldman ran many workshops with our company for several years.

Her guide is the most comprehensive resource available as it provides insights into both non-profit and for profit Private Ongoing schools in Manhattan. We highly recommend this very useful tool as a first step to understanding the very complicated world of Private School Admissions. Good choice and we got a lot of use out of this book. The big issue we had with this book was that the data in it when we used was very out of date.

This book is not worth the money. You're better off getting a list of all the schools in your vicinity online and then going to each one's website, or better yet, go to mommypoppins.