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This decision by the hall is another much-debated one. The s were awkward, after which she headed out into a jazz odyssey understood only to her. You have to remember he was originally the angriest of angry young men, his name a pointed deflation of a sacred rock icon. Under the anger were exceptional melodies and rhythms, and a lyricist who was a lover of words with some scores to settle, sometimes with the mass media and the military-industrial complex but more often with women.

He is now a rock elder, not exactly pompous but a little overeager to share his intelligent but numerous thoughts about anything. He was shot by his father in a family fight in This was a transformative band.

And so, serious and not serious, they defined an early, genial hip-hop that broke barriers cultural and racial and musical in America and around the world. An utterly sensational rock-pop-funk ensemble under the visionary, spangled leadership of Stone. His simplest songs still resonate; his productions and arrangements radiate a kaleidoscope of sounds yet somehow make up a consistent picture of an artist, befitting one of the first people to write, perform, and produce his own records.

A mystic and unsatisfied explorer with a voice capable of great power and nuance. He then created an immortal song cycle of elusive dreamscapes Astral Weeks and then a definitive piece of rock-pop-jazz Moondance. And yet he was still unhappy and by every indication remains unhappy today. His wild sound and unapologetic mysticism would heavily influence folks like Springsteen and Patti Smith.

The Velvet Underground

The brother be right a lot of the time. Anyway, I love PE but I think the music and history passed them by. In a genre of music that was created and often defined by sui generis oddballs, this group was led by the sui generic-est oddball of them all, astral traveler and funk paragon George Clinton; the result was James Brown crossed with Frank Zappa crossed with a three-ring circus, disguising some pretty heavy themes down below.

Clinton was an underrated producer — his tracks teem with sonic inventiveness, humor, and hooks. But a great man. His music changed the world, and brought international recognition to a poor little island no one cared about. Marley died of cancer in As the hall was set up, Wenner and Ertegun and a bunch of other record-industry men they were virtually all men got together once a year to vote on a slate of nominees.

The top five or so vote-getters get inducted. This year, there are seven. The nominating committee meet in a Rolling Stone conference room over lunch, generally in September. Then each nominating member gets to make the case for two potential inductees. This is sent out to the much-larger voting committee, a somewhat amorphous group of journalists and industry weasels along with all of the previous hall of fame inductees up to that point.

More on the implication of that later.

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This group gets a ballot in the mail, complete with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, to put his or her five proposed inductees. These are sent back to the hall. Peresman says the foundation will call voters who filled their ballots out incorrectly, and make some calls to bring in late ballots, too. A lot of the data on the hall in this article I have taken from him, either from the site or a recent phone chat we had.

Inventing progressive rock was a dumb idea, but it was their dumb idea.

A rock-and-roll seeker dogged by mental demons — and a goofy avatar of rock authenticity. Long may he run. Another of the disparate folks who invented rock and roll in different ways, with different styles, and in different places; Domino, in partnership with songwriter and producer Dave Bartholomew, created a magnanimous, inoffensive, and hugely enjoyable form of rolling, expansive pop; deeply ethnic, but so open-hearted as to include the world in its infectiousness and enthusiasm. They were pretentious and quite often unlistenable. A group of instrumental misfits, all but one from Canada, who came together as the Hawks under Ronnie Hawkins and then were propelled to an unexpected fame due to the songwriting beauty of Robbie Robertson and then a stint as the backing band for one … [shuffles papers] B.

A lovely voice, a striking songwriter, and an indelible influence on pop, rock, and soul. Roxy was one of the most challenging bands of its time, mixing glam, art rock, and some species of European chanteuserie courtesy of leader Bryan Ferry layered with postmodern rock imagery, a decayed, regretful sexuality, and venturesome soundscapes courtesy of founding member Brian Eno. Roxy is on a pedestal with Bowie in the U. Publicist Bob Merlis, who was on the nominating committee for many years, argued for Johnny Hallyday, a rock star whose popularity in France has really no equivalent in the Western world.

The Stooges are Ur—almost everything noisy and confrontational that came after them, dumb metal to punk. They produced album after album of highly melodic, rhythmically serious, lyrically mystifying Smart Songs for all the best rock girls and boys. I was one. There are groovy songs on most if not all of the rest of his solo albums, but it must be said they are generally erratic. His distinctive singing style rarely fell into the mannered; he was reservedly carnal, cautiously joyous. Seventies pop radio would have been much less textured without him.

Now, while the hall of fame proceeded apace in New York, bigger pans were being hatched, for an actual physical rock and roll museum. Pei to design the place. Exhibit space was eventually placed underground. A gracious albeit haunted presence to the end. The hall should consider inducting Richard Pryor on the same grounds — but not Steve Martin, for chrissakes.

A graceful, elegant presence over decades. Reinvented soul, and came close to reinventing country, too. Fun fact: The band had only one top-ten hit in the U. Jersey guy, nice wife. He met her at work. More than any other great star, he is a recombinant concoction of his forebears: Van Morrison, Dion, Presley, Spector, just about everything else he listened to growing up.

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It is a tribute to his vision, work ethic, and perfectionism that he looks good in their presence. Bands should be given more credit for quitting early, and keeping their percentage of top-quality work high. In theory, this could encourage great artists to considering retiring from recording rather than foisting mediocre and labored work on their fans late into their career. It would also save Rolling Stone critics from having to figure out ways to tell us how artists like Springsteen are back in top rock-and-roll form and have, amazingly, released yet another five-star album.

Note that Springsteen was inducted without the E Street Band. His manager, Jon Landau, is a major figure at the hall, and of course Springsteen himself has lent his name to it for years. And now he writes songs for Pixar movies. The debate about Radiohead is whether they are a transformative, pantheonic band worthy of immediate entry to the hall, or just a really great one.

I think they are at least as great as, say, R. And they may go down in history as the last great rock band. She is also one of our most precise and meaningful vocalists, from that pure emotional vibrato to those dark whispers.

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Along with Jonathan Richman, they showed early on that punk was a thing not a sound; austere and questioning at first, then with a darkened postmodern paranoia, and then on to an ecstatic, highly mental funk. They merged New York hipster intellectualism to Southern California anomie, and first flecked it with and then immersed it all into a persuasive jazz sheen.

The band engaged in some high-level trolling of the hall of fame for a year before their induction, posting various demands on their website and mocking the hall in various ways. Their presence is so large now, we forget they were kids from one of the most fucked-up cities in the Western world who liked the Ramones.

The Town Hall Party TV Shows 1959

Not a bad rhythm section, and you have to give the Edge credit for expanding the sound of rock guitar, always at the service of riffs riffs riffs. Yes, I am aware the lead singer has become annoying. He was convicted of manslaughter and died in prison at the age of His mids stardom was phenomenal, and he spurred it on with various tactics, some clever, some Trumpian, and of course many self-destructive.

In other words, he was a big known star who suddenly got very big. Elvis and the Beatles by contrast offered confrontational, controversial music — music of the world to come, not the world they were in. That said, as a pop artist Jackson was certainly innovative, and set new standards. And as a Presley-like pop archetype of failed potential, very rock and roll. The two boards really, really hated each other. John unquestionably is a pop-rocker not a rocker. He was flamboyant, but he was also someone you could take home to mother.