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Geomorphology, active tectonics, and landscape evolution in the Mid-Atlantic region: Chapter

Journal of Human Evolution 60 3 : —80, Hominin reactions to herbivore distribution in the Lower Palaeolithic of the southern Levant. Quaternary Science Reviews — DOI: King, G. Tectonics and Human Evolution. Antiquity — Reynolds, S.

Italy's dramatic scenery: rocks, earthquakes and volcanoes

Landscapes and their relation to hominin habitats: case studies from Australopithecus sites in eastern and southern Africa. Journal of Human Evolution 60 3 : —98, Potential participants should send a letter of application to one of the conveners, including a brief statement of interests and relevance of the applicant's work to the conference topic, as well as a short abstract of work to be presented at the meeting, if desired. Attendance is limited to 80 persons, although we hope to attract the participation of a broad range of earth and atmospheric scientists.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply, and some funds will be available to help offset costs for students. A four-day preconference field trip will be offered from January This field trip will start in Taipei and finish at the conference site in Taroko Park, thereby crossing the modern orogenic belt from the foreland Coastal Plain to the metamorphic core. This trip will also provide an opportunity to visit surface deformation related to the magnitude 7 Chi-Chi earthquake.

Advanced Search Site Map. Potential topics for presentation and discussion include: Surface processes and rates in active tectonic areas.

What are the important processes and the rates at which they operate in mountain regions? What are the mechanisms of fluvial incision into bedrock?

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How important are deep-seated landslides or debris flows? Go to Conservation Land Management. Click to have a closer look.

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More Info. Ecology, Land Use and Conservation of the Cairngorms. Mountain Flowers. The Biology of Alpine Habitats. Drivers of Environmental Change in Uplands. Mountains Of The Mind.


Terrestrial Ecoregions of Africa and Madagascar. Mountains and Climate Change. Terrestrial Ecoregions of the Indo-Pacific.