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Some even have both on the same strop. Of course this leads many to wonder just which is the better option. While a common practice is to use suede in conjunction with compounds and smooth for plain stropping, this is by no means universal. We have found the decision to be a combination of personal choice and type of edge being sharpened. Straight razors are traditionally stropped on a smooth leather.

The grain side surface is perfect for the delicate, low angle edges found on straight razors.

How To Strop a Straight Razor

Many carvers and knife sharpeners use suede strops. The nap of the suede holds onto compound well allowing the strop to be loaded easily.

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The softer surface also provides a bit of rounding to the bevel as the suede compresses under the blade, which some find desirable. Sharpeners of woodworking tools such as chisels where a rounding of the bevel is not wanted find that the slightly harder surface works to their advantage as well. We carry strops of many shapes and sizes with different combinations of surfaces. In general, they can be broken down into mounted strops and razor strops.


Our mounted strops feature leather attached to solid maple. Depending on how you like to work and what edges you are honing, there are options to fit your needs, including bench mounted and hand held strops. All are available in suede or smooth. In the case of our popular and versatile Paddle Strops , one side is smooth and the other suede, giving both options in one. We carry razor strops that feature wide belts of high quality leather on one side and heavy linen on the other.

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Some straight razor shavers strop on the linen side first to clean the blade before moving to the leather for stropping. Title of Review. How was your overall experience? Value for Money: Low Value. Do you recommend this product?

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Thank you for submitting a review! Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Facebook Twitter. Clear filter. More Filters. Examples of a good anchor point include door handles and towel bars. Hold the handle and lift so the strop is at about a 30 degree angle. Slide the razor along the strop, away from you. You should keep the blade lifted slightly, so the edge is making contact with the strop at a slight angle. Use light pressure as you push the razor away from you. Flip the razor over at the end of the strop. Try to make sure the blade is always touching the strop as you roll the razor between your fingers to flip it. It takes some practice, but eventually this will make stropping the razor quicker and more efficient. Bring the razor toward you.

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  • Pull the razor, spine first, toward the bottom of the strop. Maintain a slight angle with the razor, so the edge makes contact with the leather the whole way down. Once you reach the bottom of the strop, flip the razor and and bring it back up the strop. Repeat this stroke for more passes.

    This side is usually cloth or canvas. Use an X pattern on two inch 5cm strops. The simplest method involves moving the blade towards your right as you push it away from you, and towards the left when you bring the razor back. Give the razor a quick rinse. Pass the razor under warm tap water until all shaving cream has been rinsed away. Shake excess water off of the razor. Flip the strop to the cloth side and hold it tautly. This can cause metal chips to break off of the blade and embed themselves in the strop.