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Only problem is that Jeffrey's employers refuse to pay him for his last job, money which is needed to restore Jennie's eyesight. Written by Vince at unigx. Chow Yun Fat and John Woo strike again. The Killer is not your run of the mill action flick. It features characters you care about, jaw-dropping action sequences, and , best of all, Chow Yun Fat.

He's always supercool. Chow and co-star Danny Lee play very similar characters but are on opposite sides of the law. It makes the film work very well. The heroes can relate to one another because they have both injured the innocent while doing their jobs. Another great actor in the film is Kong Chu in the role of Sydney, the one handed hitman.

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Being in the middle of the fray, he makes for an interesting character. There is a great scene involving Sydney's betrayal. Chow is so amazing with his emotions in this scene.


He's not just an international action superstar, he's an underrated and incredible actor as well. That's what makes The Killer more than just another action movie. Woo's direction always helps too. The Killer boasts one of the best and most epic shootouts in film history. Woo's older films are as stylistic as they get, I mean stylistic as hell. Chow Yun Fat and John Woo make an incredible duo.

Vladimir Putin is using trained birds of prey to take down spy drones and guard Kremlin

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'Black Mirror' Trolls Eagle-Eyed Reddit Users With Insane Easter Egg

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Animals Goldfish has emergency 'haircut' after heavy head turns him upside down Bubble from Cardiff is now happily splashing about his tank after having the snip.

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Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

Most Read Most Recent. Aaron Carter Aaron Carter shows off huge face tattoo and declares he's 'biggest thing in music' The former child star told fans he's the biggest thing in music right now, and that it can't be denied. Top Stories. Weather Torrential rain forces Brits to flee homes flooded with 'contaminated' water as weather warnings issued Heavy rain across parts of Wales and England, including Manchester, Cardiff, Lancashire and Leeds, has caused chaos forcing residents to flee their homes and severe travel disruption resulting from mudslides on train tracks.

Meghan and Harry royal tour Meghan Markle cradles baby Archie as they fly solo for next leg of royal tour. Stroke Girl, 4, goes to bed happy and healthy then wakes up paralysed. Animals Goldfish has emergency 'haircut' after heavy head turns him upside down. Davorkan was in a high state of agitation, some in response to external stimuli, some in keeping with his perception of his own self image.

Gorgarich had just completed updating him on the latest behavioral pattern of the American satellite observed by the soviet tracking facilities. He now stood quietly as Davorkin paced, gestured and launched into a diatribe based on his own interpretation of what was afoot. It was an intimidating experience, even for Davorkin. He had never really spoken, in length, to the Chairman before. They had met on several past occasions, but those were perfunctory contacts, at official governmental functions or social events for upper level general officers and political figures.

The spoken interchange between them on those occasions, consisted of the equivalents of "Da" and "Nyet" from the general, in response to specific questions from the chairman, always shaded in a manner to emphasize who was in charge. This time, he was the technical expert describing, interpreting and explaining a complex, threatening situation to a group of concerned but relatively untutored politicians.


Perhaps, out of fear of the unknown, they did accord him a significant degree of proper respect, untypical of prior meetings. A shrewd, ambitious man, he quickly recognized his sudden change in stature and the career possibilities inherent, for him, in the situation. He was also perceptive enough to recognize, by the chairman's demeanor and questions a suggestion that this professional opportunist was also examining the situation from a similar standpoint.

Those bastards are making final preparations to attack us. Our staff people have postulated a number of possible situations that might explain such behavior. I don't trust those damn Yanks and further, I just assured the Chairman and his staff that I would do everything necessary to protect Mother Russia from such treachery. They will expect some immediate sign of our efforts in that regard. Therefore, you will please convey, immediately, my direct order for our forces to go to a Red alert posture.

Further you will prepare and feed into our international leak channels, to the west, a number of strongly worded statements to let the Americans know of our awareness and potential response to their trickery. Surely that should give them pause and a good reason to stop such madness. If they foolishly continue, we will be prepared for an immediate nuclear counter strike at the first sign of an aggressive move. Gorgarich made his way to his office in the command center he realized that he was frightened, terribly frightened.

He of course, was prepared to relay the General's latest orders escalating the situation to the highest level of preparation before Armageddon. Yet did that overly ambitious, strutting, militaristic fool, comprehend that he was courting the destruction of modern civilization on far less than conclusive evidence?

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Gregor, a bright little man child of eleven. His pride and hope for the future in perhaps a more rational world.

Then tiny Dasha, five, his little love and the pure joy of his life. A miniature of his beautiful Elena with the innocence and uncomplicated love that only little girls can bring to bear on their fathers. The specter of what a Nuclear exchange could do to them made him feel slightly ill. Unofficial links, which had been in operation between virtually all major powers for eons. Together they composed a body of attention getting "leaks" spelling out the Russian interpretation of the situation, their physical reaction to it, and their ultimate threat of immediate retaliation.

As Donohoff left to set the process in motion, he sat back still frightened and somewhat frustrated that this was perhaps the only immediate thing he could do for his little Dasha and the rest of the family. Tension was understandably running high and they showed it. Over 24 sleepless hours for most of them didn't help either. Rog was probably on his eighth cup of coffee and the other coffee drinkers in the group had to be around that same level, in that they were on their sixth pot. The detail planning for the safe mission termination operation had been taken as far as possible at this time and they no longer had that to distract them from dwelling on the ultimate frightening possibilities of the situation.

There were even subtle indications in the various conversations and somewhat pensive demeanor of some individuals that they, were starting to consider the implications for their families, in the worst case scenario.

Conservation threats

Since they could only talk in generalities on the unsecured line to Steele's home and the potential gravity of the situation, Jack had immediately arranged to fly in from corporate headquarters on a company jet. He was now in with Dan being "brought up to speed".

Rog reflected that one of the few plusses in working a high security operation lay in the fact that it kept the interruptions and meddling from the corporate management to a minimum and significantly damped out the influence of company politics. Von Bargen was obviously with him and the relief in their voices was immediately evident.

The temperature had dropped dramatically, by almost degrees.

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For Rog and the crew, it was like someone had thrown open the doors and a cool breeze had blown through, accompanied by a limp feeling associated with the sudden release of long held tension. They were also well aware however, that their luck may have finally turned in the first act of the drama, providing them some breathing room, but fate might still have to smile to a point of near hysteria, in a series of coming events, for the whole thing to end successfully!