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In the play. Aristotle laid down some elements which he and other classical theorists seemed to think necessary in a tragedy. In 'Macbeth' some of these elements have been used, some have been reworked and some have been totally disregarded. These 'rules' which Shakespeare didn't always think appropriate or indeed practical to use in his more contemporary tragedies, also seem. Macbeth, who is loved and adored by his king. One day he heard a prophecy that he could be king one day.

However, this is when he begins his downfall. Unable to stand the suspense of waiting to become king as his fate beholds. He usurps the throne in a timely fashion by killing the present king.

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This action leads to multiple other killings as Macbeth struggles to keep his position and justify to himself that he did the right thing. This only directs him to his eventual downfall.

The aura of darkness. One can see this with Shakespeare's use dark in the play, his use of blood, and finally through his use of unnatural elements and beings. The readers see throughout the play that Shakespeare uses lots of dark imagery in his play. Through the use of this dark imagery the readers can see just how corrupt the drive and hunger for power is making his characters, particularly Macbeth. So Borderlands 3 makes some serious leaps and bounds when it comes to the lore of its Siren mythology.

Going into the game, we knew that Sirens were women born with mystical powers that was somehow connected to Eridium, the mystical element left behind by an ancient alien race, and that there could only be six in existence at any one time. Borderlands 3 throws a spanner into all that, giving us a male siren with Troy, suggesting that Siren powers can be both siphoned from the living and inherited from the dead, and that Sirens like Maya are capable of much more than just telekinesis, including the power of premonition. Not only that, but the deaths of Troy, Tyreen, Maya, and Lilith?

Tannis herself — an expert on all things Pandoran — is also now officially known as the Sirentologist, so hopefully she'll be able to explain more in the future.

This strikes me as a particularly egregious omission on Gearbox's part, and one that I'm hoping future Borderlands 3 expansions can remedy. Given that previous games have made a big effort to present former playable protagonists as major NPCs, the fact that only Zero, Maya, and Aurelia show up in person throughout the main story with passing Easter egg nods for Timothy, Sasha, Gaige, and Krieg strikes me as odd.

Granted, Borderlands has an exceptionally large roster of heroes, so not every character can be included as a natural part of the story but, given the fate of the universe is at staked, you'd expect some of these guys to at least make an appearance of sorts. My hope is that Gearbox is merely saving some of its familiar faces for Borderlands 3's incoming story expansions, because the fact that we didn't even get to see Krieg say goodbye to Maya is frankly heretical. Another lingering question for many longtime Borderlands fans, the fact that neither the Watcher's divine intervention at the end of The Pre-Sequel, nor the opening of the vault by Rhys and Fiona in Tales From the Borderlands, were addressed in Borderlands 3 also strikes me as irregular.

When he returns to her life, I was really surprised how he still didn't get it. He was concerned about her and knew he wanted her and how unfulfilled his life had been since her, but he still couldn't compromise no matter how much he said he would. The moments when he would need to live up to his words and he failed every time.

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His friend Dante Angela finally stopped being a doormat and I cheered when she walked out on him in the hotel. I didn't totally buy how in three months she began to transform after four years, but it was good to see her stand up for herself. It's sad to me that none of that happened sooner. It saved his character for me as we got to see him as weak and damaged.

It still leaves me confused how this unhealthy relationship should pick back up, but again, from my personal experience, a lot of relationships and feelings can't be explained so simply. I loved Cara. Loved the little bit of Dante we saw. Actually liked Barbara and how she toughened Angie up a bit and gave her a focus.

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I'm anxious to go back and read Julia's story as well as Ian's. A little unsure of reading the ball busting Lauren's story coming up even though I liked her as a side character here. In the end, she still needs counseling and he needs to go with her for his own past and control issues. Although I wanted to yell at these characters, I realized I was truly engrossed in the story. I'm grateful I was given an ARC as I'm not sure I would have given it much of a chance beyond the sample - there's a lot of inner dialogue and I kept waiting to understand why she was so unhappy and self-destructive.

I'm glad I stuck with it and amazed how many times I slowed down and re-read a page to think more about these characters' motivations. Flat out, good or bad, in the end this book made me feel. May 10, Bianca rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-reading-challenge. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Angela Del Carlo is merely living.


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She is a shadow of her former self. No longer the person she was at work and with her friends. She fell for hot, self-absorbed, womanizer, Nick Manning. Her love for him crushed her. Her sprit. She was left shattered after their arrangement was no longer working for him. You watch a beautiful woman become a shell of her former self. You feel for her. Yet you understand her pull towar I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Yet you understand her pull towards to this man. His heart has walls but you could feel her penetrating those walls every time they were together.

Fated (Servants of Fate Book 3) by Sarah Fine Audiobook Part 2

We meet Angela in the previous books in this series. If you have not read them, this book can definitely be read as a standalone. We know that Angela was hurt. Their story. The author flawlessly moves between past and present as we are immersed in the lives of the characters where you watch a woman break and get put back together by the same person that shattered her into pieces.

Shattered is a love story about two flawed human beings.


Two damaged souls. It is a REAL love story. A journey. For love is not rainbows and flowers. And this story effortlessly shows how even a devastating journey to love can be worth it. That our past may try to shape us, but with love, anything is possible. Angela and Nick? And people are capable of mistakes. We mess up. But broken people? They hurt. They mess up too. Sometimes more. How can you truly love someone when you never felt love yourself? But you can. And they did. Love saves. Shattered is a bit different than the other books in this series, but nonetheless it is brilliant and you may question your own thoughts and ideas of love.

Love is not something in a pretty box, with a big pink bow. Their story has many layers. I love that the author never sugarcoated anything in their story.

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Their love is raw, genuine, intense, and overwhelming. Effortless in the way the author allows you to fall for her imperfect characters. While the author herself mentions that this is not like the others in the series, I commend her from being different. It shows her versatility in writing a story. She understands that love and romance is not one dimensional. If only author authors considered that in their writing. Shattered is darker, yet more emotional, but still sexy as her other reads. If you have never read anything by this author you are missing out. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Shattered can be read as a standalone.