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I let her walk all over me. She would call me at 4 A. Being in college, I decided to drive down south where she lived to see if our relationship could work. I asked Mary to wait for me while I figured it out.

She treats you like shit. Fuck you. She told me I broke her heart, blocked me on Facebook, and said we would never ever, everrrr get back together. Regardless, it worked. She texted me to say she had gotten the letter, which led to hanging out as friends, which led to drinking as friends and eventually a relationship.

It was good, but the toxic feelings from the first breakup followed us wherever we went. She had made new friends and learned valuable lessons since our breakup, the biggest one being that guys who try to hold on to their high school ex-girlfriends are as dumb as they are stupid. On top of that, I was embarrassed. I was always letting her go, and that made me feel like a bad dude. My go-to move was letting it go down the pisser. I never even made an attempt to remember to call her back, to be affectionate, or to even feign interest in her hobbies.

Our third attempt—and, you guessed it, the ensuing breakup—was kind of a glitch in the space-time continuum.

How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup: A Method That Actually Works

Our second breakup had reinforced the notion that no relationship comes easy and you have to put in the work, but I still sucked. So I called her one night, a week or two after our second breakup, and repented, asking her to be my official girlfriend. We decided to give it one more go. That relationship lasted about 25 hours total. I had, more or less, had a fling with another girl during the first and second breakup. I spent the next four years dating other people, with some hits and many misses.

Step 1: The No Contact Rule – Cut Off Contact With Him

One woman stole a couple hundred dollars out of my checking account and got engaged to another guy while we were living together. In , my little brother Adam died. My life shattered, and I spent the next month drunk in bed. Through everything—the fights, the skipped plans, the immaturity—she found it in herself to reach out to me. Acceptance is the first step towards creating a new kind of normal that can help you do the next steps.

Although there are special things you can do: learn how to get your ex girlfriend back fast.

Want Your Ex Back? Say This to Him… - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

Give her space. Giving her space means not initiating communication nor engaging in personal encounters with your ex. By giving her space, you allow emotions to cool down so that both of you can start looking at what happened objectively.

1. They Communicate With You Over Text

Refrain from entertaining any attempts to communicate with your ex. It is not impossible for your ex to reach out, even if she initiated the breakup. While it might be tempting to reconcile especially if your ex initiates, this may not be the right time, especially if emotions are high and issues that led to the breakup remain unresolved.

A breakup means that you will have plenty of time for activities that you did not do before, or activities that eventually fell by the side of the road because you were too busy with your relationship. Now that you are single again, you can resume doing things that you love, like taking up a new hobby, going to the gym, taking a trip, and the like. You can also use this time to focus on your career, such as taking related classes that could help you with career advancement down the road.

Taking a trip is another great option that will remove you from the places where you are likely to see your ex and is a great opportunity to make new memories without her.

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Things like these can help take your mind off your ex , widen your social network and help you create a more interesting version of yourself. You can also use the time off from a relationship to be more social so you can meet new people, gain new friends and even cross paths with potential romantic interests.

Finding someone new may be the last thing on your mind right now, but being more social can help you get out of your shell and avoid moments that would otherwise be spent sulking alone at home.

However, going out with your friends can end up being more enjoyable than you first thought. All it takes is for you to make the first step.

How to Get Your Ex Back in 5 Steps Guaranteed (With Testimonials)

Relationship experts suggest keeping it light by reaching out with a text instead of a call. A text is short and casual and you can compose a text so that you sound like the best version of yourself. Reconnecting through a call, especially if you are not prepared, can become messy and emotional and fail to give you the results you want.