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Fortunately, we're on hand with 20 all-encompassing tips for you to squeeze the most out of arm day. Time to get to work. Put one arm's biceps under continuous tension for maximum growth. While sitting, hold a pair of dumbbells with your palms facing up.

The No-Curl Solution to Bigger Arms - Muscle & Performance

Then curl one dumbbell until your forearm is parallel to the ground and hold. Do 10 curls with the other arm, then switch arm positions. Do three sets on each side. Related: The only way to warm up for improved performance. Raise your temperature with five minutes on a running machine, followed by five on a rower to shift blood from your abdomen to your arms. Combine this with a low fat diet and you'll soon have veins like cables. Related: The 23 best exercises to build biceps.

Give your elbows a break with the standing cable one arm biceps curl. Set the pulley at shoulder height.

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With your arm elevated and in line with the pulley, curl the weight towards your head, and don't allow your arm to drop down. Return to the starting position. Do three sets of 10 repetitions with each arm. Here's a great stretch for the biceps and forearms flexors inside your forearm, crucial for sport. Kneel with your palms on the floor in front of you, in line with your shoulders, fingers pointing back.

Lean back until you feel a stretch in your biceps and forearms. Hold for ten seconds. Seated at a lat pulldown station, with back straight and arms fully extended, grab the bar with an underhand grip a little narrower than shoulder width. Slowly pull the bar down, bending your elbows until the bar is just under your chin.

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Hold for one second, then count to two as you return the bar. Do three sets of So try to incorporate a new move each time and reverse the order. Related: what happens when I always lift the same weight? Here's an ideal pre-workout shake Focus on carbs after a big session. So add a banana to yesterday's shake.

Sit on a bench with your legs spread, holding a dumbbell in your right hand. Your right elbow should rest against your inner right thigh, just above the knee.

How to Increase Pull-Ups: Week One

Curl the dumbbell up as high as you can without moving your elbow from your thigh, then slowly lower. Do three sets of 10 reps on each arm. With a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing upwards, pull the dumb bell up and in line with the side of your body. Next, rock your arm so your elbow's pointing forward and your fist is pointing over your shoulder.

Hold, then perform the rotation in reverse. How to do it: From the top of the push-up position, step forward with your right foot inside the right arm as you simultaneously move your left hand forward in front of you. Switch sides, so that you now step forward with the left leg and gain ground with your right hand.

Keep crawling forward by moving the opposite hand and foot forward. Duration: Beginner: 20 seconds; intermediate: 30—40 seconds; elite: 40—60 seconds. Trainer tip: This is to get you more accustomed to moving your body through space. It will also help you burn additional calories in the quest toward more pull-ups. Trainer tip: The key with push-ups is stacking the wrists under the shoulders and keeping a straight back.

This exercise builds shoulder and triceps strength. How to do it: Get on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Tighten your abs.

Raise your right leg and left arm simultaneously, lengthening your spine. Hold for 10 seconds in this position then return to all fours. How to increase pull-ups trainer tip: Do all 10 reps on one side then switch sides. This move increases lower back strength and will help support your body weight during the pull-up. How to do it: Lie with your back against the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees, arms at your sides, and palms facing the floor.

Bring your butt up, squeezing your glutes at the top. Pause for two seconds, then return to start. Trainer tip: Do these slowly, focusing on the glute contraction.

Can’t Do Pullups (REAL REASON WHY!)

You can also isolate one side by keeping one foot on the ground and raising one leg off the ground as you bridge up. How to do it: Stand facing the anchor point, holding the suspension trainer by the handles. Pull body toward the anchor by bringing your knuckles to your temples, with your elbows high and eyes forward. Return to the starting position with your arms extended. How to increase pull-ups trainer tip: Let your body hang down before the start.

Keep your core tight throughout the movement. Week three will be your first attempt at a pull-up after intentionally working on improving it. This week also targets grip and upper back muscles. Try to do a pull-up. If you can, great. See how many you can safely do in a row. Record the number. Continue the plan to increase the number. How to do it: Grab a sturdy bar overhead with both hands using a pronated overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width.

Pull yourself vertically until your chin is higher than the bar. Return back to start position with your arms fully extended. Related: Bodyweight Training Plan: Power. How to do it: Same as the pull-up except your palms are facing you instead of facing away.

If you have access to a neutral grip handle, where your palms face each other, this is also considered a chin-up. Trainer tip: If you can do this and not a pull-up, then you need to work on your grip and back muscles more than your biceps. You also may be psyching yourself out. The pull-up and chin-up are quite similar, although most people find the pull-up more difficult.

To improve grip strength more than you have already, you can visit indoor rock climbing gyms and do bouldering and roped climbing. Use spring-loaded hand grippers and other grip-specific tools like Hand X Band. Target the muscles in your fingers with the following two moves.

How to Increase Pull-Ups From 0 to 30

How to do it: Lift a weight plate start with 10 pounds off the ground in one hand using only your fingertips. Hold for as long as possible at your side then put it down. Do 10 reps, then switch hands. How to increase pull-ups trainer tip: Beginner: hold plate with just fingertips for 30 seconds; intermediate: hold for 30—45 seconds; elite: hold for 45—90 seconds. How to do it: While standing, hold one weight plate at your side in your right hand with the fingertips of all five fingers.

Raise the plate in front of you so that your right arm is straight in front of your chest. Grab the plate with only the fingertips of your left hand, transferring it from hand to hand. Lower the plate to your left side, still only using the fingertips. Start the next rep by raising the left arm and switching the plate to the right arm.