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Sit down with you child or your students and flip through the pages of this alphabet book, each page comes with letter tracing practice, coloring the objects begging sounds and coloring the letters.

How to Use Alphabet Books

This set of alphabet worksheets has one letter per page. You can bind all of the pages together to make a alphabet learning book.

Educators or parents can also use these printable pages individually as worksheets for each letter of the alphabet. If you intend to use the pages individually we do recommend that you laminate the pages to make them last longer. So instead of drilling the ABCs into them, expose kids to letters, make letters a part of everyday life, and allow it come by your child naturally.

This ABC post is full of hands on ways to introduce the alphabet to your child.

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These activities are perfect and tailor made for the toddler — preschool crowd. Thanks for sharing! He does know the majority of his uppercase letters but gets hung up on a couple.

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  • But I find myself asking when did preschool become the new kindergarten?? Give your child every opportunity to explore letters by allowing time to write focus letters. Allow your child to explore writing through sensory play and various writing materials.


    German Alphabet ABC

    Try markers, crayons, pencils, finger paints, or writing in various materials such as hair gel, shaving cream, paint, sand, or salt. Give your child buttons, pom poms, cotton balls, small rocks, bolts, unifix cubes, or another set of counters to place on a letter print out. Pre-Kinders has a wonderful list of letter building activities.

    About ABC Books

    Make an animal out of the letter staring with the same animal sound. For example, make a duck out of the letter d, or a moose out of letter m. Totally Tots has a great collection of ideas here. Red Ted has a fun collection of hand print letter ideas that are so fun!

    Letter Recognition Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

    Point out letters in everyday print, such as product boxes, store signs, and billboards. Click here for my post on environmental print. Researchers and educators agree that beginning readers experience more success in reading when they can rapidly and accurately recall letter names before they learn basic phonics.

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    Do allow your child to fully experience and explore each letter. Reading it, writing it, and manipulating it.

    Learn to Read - Phonics for Kids - Writing Made Easy

    I am Sarah, an educator turned stay-at-home mama of five! I totally agree.

    Learn German Easily

    I think you can start early with reading alphabet books and putting out letter in our environment. Check out my post here for more […]. The skills introduced are incremental, and therefor […]. Of course, not all children thrive with worksheets, but my boys love them.